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Dealer’s Cup | The dark side of disorganized crime

The first real cannabis boardgame for 2-6 players! Buy, sell and steal fictional cannabis


Your character is a DEALER and his/her mission is to meet the needs of the CARGO list. Beat your opponents by hindering their mission and stealing their cargo. During your voyage along the gameboard dive into the dark reality of drug dealers, a threatening world of unexpected events. The roll of the dice will determine your destiny as you move along the path to fulfill your mission. The first DEALER to complete his/her CARGO list is the winner.

Dealer‘s Cup humorously gives you a taste of the dark world created by prohibition where the consumer is forced to support and finance the black market to access his supply of cannabis.

This game is our contribution to legalization. With legalization, the dark, threatening sides of the cannabis world would disappear, and the greatest danger posed by cannabis would be averted. The impact of the judiciary which destroys thousands upon thousands of existences every year. The judiciary would also be freed from the cannabis world and could devote itself to the really important cases.


  •      1 x Rubber play mat
  •      8 x Ships (card holder)
  •      2 x Dice
  •    27 x Deal-Cards
  •      3 x 40 Shit Happens-Cards (in German, English and Spanish)
  •    28 x Green Visa-Cards
  •    28 x Red Visa-Cards
  •    35 x Harvest-Cards
  •  200 x Banknotes
  •      6 x Cargo Cards
  •      1 x Highlighter (washable)
  •      1 x Game instructions (in German, English and Spanish)


Our Game Illustrator

Every project comes with its own risks and challenges, and this one was no different. After a long time of waiting and many delays we are finally ready to start shipping. Order your own copy now!

Shipping Germany 8 Euro
Shipping EU 20 Euro
Shipping Worldwide 40 Euro
Price 59,90€